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Short Sleeve Jersey - Hawaii


Our trail jerseys are made up of our unique blend of recycled and sustainable fibres that are suuuper soft to the touch, moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial! This means you can go hard out whilst remaining comfortable and fresh throughout your ride. 

Fit is tapered, but not tight, and long-line down the back - so no showing off your butt as you descend (as lovely as it is!).  All our jerseys feature a handy zip-pocket on the rear – perfect for your phone, snacks, keys or lift pass. 

  • Zip pocket
  • Soft-touch
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Antibacterial

Mountain biking and nature go hand in hand, you can’t enjoy one without the other. That’s why Fierce is committed to using planet-friendly fabrics and processes for our goods.  You can read more about our sustainability promise here.