Time for a change - Innovation meets Ideals.

Meet our signature jersey fabric made from sustainable bamboo, cotton and DuPont Sorona®.

Just because we are a small business, doesn’t stop us from thinking big.

We were sick of going shopping and being met with yet another dry, scratchy, synthetic, sweat-inducing polyester jersey range. Why is that?! Sure, they are colourful, but that’s about it! 


Unfortunately, polyester happens to be one of the cheapest fabrics available on the market and when it comes to selling you your next jersey, most companies love it.  Bigger margins, bigger profits, quick wins.

Well, not us.

From the very beginning we agreed that our trail jerseys wouldn’t include any polyester. It’s plastic. It’s fossil-fueled, oil hungry and the processes to make it are environmentally damaging. There is a better way and we are excited to be able to share it with you.

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