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Materials and Processes

From the fabrics we choose to the factories we work with, each step of our production is assessed and chosen to meet our strict sustainability criteria. We are dedicated to using eco-friendly and responsible materials and working with factories that treat their workforce right.

Packaging Policy

We are committed to using compostable, biodegradable or recyclable packaging for all of our products. We insist that all of our suppliers provide products to us without the use of plastic poly bags or additional waste, and only partner with those that are devoted to sustainable practices.

Made in New Zealand

Wherever possible, we support local business and services in the manufacture of our products. However, on our mission to make sustainable MTB clothing affordable for everyone, we must also partner with manufacturers around the globe. If we want responsible purchasing to become the standard (and we do!) then we must ensure our products fall within the price that is considered the market "norm". sadly, this just wouldn't be possible with onshore manufacture.

Rest assured, we are continually assessing and improving our processes to ensure they remain in line with our sustainability goals and we are proud to support our beautiful country by giving back to TrailFund NZ.