Looking great doesn’t have to cost the earth!


Our trail jerseys are made up of our unique blend of natural and sustainable fibres that are soft to the touch, moisture-wicking, durable and anti-bacterial. This means you can go hard out whilst remaining comfortable and fresh throughout your ride.  All our jerseys feature a handy zip-pocket on the rear – perfect for your phone, keys or lift pass.


  • Zip pocket
  • Soft touch
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Antibacterial


Mountain biking and nature go hand in hand, you can’t enjoy one without the other. That’s why Fierce is committed to using planet-friendly fabrics and processes for our goods.  You can read more about our sustainability promise here.


Short Sleeve Jersey - Summer Leaves

  • At Fierce we celebrate the fact that womens bodies come in all shapes and sizes - each one of them beautiful.  We've created our own sizing to reflect this fact, you can find yours here.

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Super comfy and great protection

11/3/2020, 8:05:39 PM

This bra is so comfy - I didn't feel it or think about it the whole time I was riding! The protector inserts are a really good idea and work very well. I highly recommend this bra.





10/27/2020, 6:31:14 AM

Awesome over the shoulder boulder holder bra and protector. Super comfy even with the protection in.




Full Finger Gloves

7/6/2020, 8:26:26 AM

I absolutely love these gloves - super comfortable and fit so well (I got the large size). Also love the colour - the gloves definitely brighten my winter commute!




Awesome purchase

12/20/2019, 4:09:21 AM

Definitely a great purchase you won't regret. This bra is so comfortable, didn't chaffe after a long ride and I didn't even notice the cups when wearing them. They are easy to put in and take out and were not uncomfortable when inserted. The bra is also comfortable to wear without the inserts making it very versatile. I love the style. Extra bonus is the added protection when your out riding.




Love it!

12/13/2019, 8:03:24 PM

I have been ridding with this bra a few times now and I love the support and how comfortable it is to wear with or without the protective inserts!

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