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– Female Only

Sorry Lads, it’s not that we don’t like you, but this one’s just for the girls! We wanted to create something that focuses solely on the needs and wants of the female rider, she’s different to you (yeah, you don’t say) so she requires different things. 

There is no denying that MTB is a male-dominated sport and so we’re championing the ladies’ corner on this one.  Of course, we support anyone and everyone who wants to wear our gear and so if you want to wear our gear, guys, that’s totally sweet (I mean, who wouldn’t, it’s pretty rad) but we are going all out on supporting our gals with some threads designed just for her. We think you boys have got enough gear to choose from for now. We are women, creating for women. Who knows what Guys want anyway....it’s a mystery to us!! 😉


–  Innovation

Even in today’s modern world, there are still things that can be improved upon. We aren’t saying that we need to reinvent the wheel (although I do like my new 29’s…) BUT there are reasons we women demand more from our gear.  At Fierce, we want to be at the forefront of women’s MTB gear, and, wherever possible, we will be leading the pack. Innovation is important. It keeps things fresh, it keeps us moving forward.  We are constantly looking for ways we can improve upon what we already have, we’ve plenty of ideas up our sleeves, be it novel tech features or cutting-edge fabrics, we’re looking forward to sharing them with you as we grow.


– Empowerment

Ladies, we love you!  You may have been shredding trails since you could sit on a bike, or you might only be discovering MTB for the first time,  this doesn’t matter, we want you to know just how friggin’ awesome you are and we are stoked to have you in our tribe.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t get up that hill without pushing, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know what a derailleur is, it doesn’t matter if you put your pedal pins through your shins again (ask our girl Laura - she knows!) what DOES matter is that you show up. You show up, again and again and again, THAT matters – and for this ladies, we salute you.

Fierce is all about empowering women, of all ages, all shapes and sizes and all abilities, to get out there and have some FUN.  As well as providing you with kick-ass gear we deliver regular doses of awesome in the form of news, MTB tips and tricks, basic bike set up and more.  Our vision is to build a global women’s MTB community of lady riders from every walk of life, who have the shared love of MTB.


– Responsibility


Listen up folks! We aren’t going to sugar coat it - there ain’t no Planet B. We believe that we all have a responsibility to take care of this beautiful planet we call home and, as business owners, this is an area of no compromise for us.  We may only just be starting out but it doesn’t mean that we can’t seek effective solutions that can provide you with the quality you deserve without being detrimental to the planet.

Polyester is one of the most commonly used fabrics in the leisure and activewear industries, it also happens to be 100% plastic.  It is a synthetic, petroleum-based fibre that uses copious amounts of fossil fuels and chemicals in processing and, when it gets stinky and you want to dispose of it (as it quickly does), it can take anywhere between 20-200 years to degrade! Unfortunately, it’s one of the cheapest fibres on the planet and the go-to for many brands. 

At Fierce we are committed to finding better solutions and being a positive agent for change. It seems absurd to us that, as riders, we are getting out in to nature every time we hop on our bikes, yet we are often wearing fabrics that are contributing to its destruction at an alarming rate.  Part of our promise to you is that we are committed to growing a business for the future – one that is committed to minimal environmental impact and, where that is unavoidable, we are working hard to mitigate it.

We are actively seeking to work with factories that use renewable energy sources and have other environmental impact initiatives, such as recycling, in place.  We are committed to avoiding plastic unless absolutely unavoidable - we don’t use any plastics in our packaging and don’t allow our products to come from our suppliers in this way.  Our promise to you is that all of our packaging will be either 100% compostable, biodegradable, recyclable or reusable and, hopefully, a combination of some of these!

It can be tough as a fledgling business to tick all the boxes we would like in terms of environmental sustainability, but we are trying.  As part of our long-term vision, we are working towards being a carbon neutral company and B-Corp certified.  These things take time but, we hope you’ll agree, they are worth it.  Every time you shop is a chance to make your voice heard and so we thank you for your support.  Together, we can make a difference.


Giving back

As part of our responsibility pledge, Fierce gives a percentage of it’s profits to support the amazing work of a number of charities around the globe, we hope to increase our impact as we grow.

To find out more about the charities we support and the work they do, please click the links below :




– Community

Anyone who has been out on their bike for more than a couple of rides knows just how amazing the MTB community is and, here at Fierce, that is no different.  Community is everything.  Chances are, someone you know introduced you into mountain biking, and the chances are that, someone they know introduced them too. We’d even put money on it you’ve already dragged a few of your own friends or family along to give it a go!

That’s the thing with MTB, it’s infectious, and that’s why the community is just so darn good. We all KNOW how it feels to be a part of and we want others to be involved too.

At Fierce, our aim is to bring women together, so they can feel awesome, and not just when riding their bikes.

Whilst MTB is the start, it’s often what happens off the trails that we love the most.  It’s the confidence to say “I can”, it’s the confidence to say “I will”, it’s the confidence to say, “I want that”.  It’s having something to go to when your partner/kid/dog/mother-in-law is driving you mad. It’s having other people who understand. It’s about having people who want you to succeed, who want to support you and who are happy to show you the way when they can, or follow your lead when they can’t.

As we grow, we have a vision to create a global community of women riders and to partner with others who share our vision. If that’s you, please reach out, we’d love to chat more.


– Excellence

It goes without saying, we are absolutely committed to providing you both the highest quality products and the highest quality service to go with it.  We want to be the best so you can be your best. You shouldn’t have to worry about your kit letting you down on the trail and so we trail-test our products to the max. 


We want you to have confidence in our products all of which come with a year-long guarantee against wear and tear. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase at any time, you can exchange it by contacting us.  You can read more about our returns and refund policy here.

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