The Climate is changing...

Why aren't we?

What does it mean to be a sustainable business?

The term sustainability gets thrown around a lot these days and, it’s not that it isn’t important, but true sustainability involves a long-term vision – one that is used to direct decisions on a daily basis.

For us, sustainability means building a business for tomorrow.  One which causes minimal impact to the planet and, not only that, one that is able to give back to her too.

For us, that means doing the best with what we have now, whilst continually working towards making it better.

Did you know that every second, one garbage truck of textiles is put into landfill?  Annually, this equates to over 82 billion kilograms of textiles –that’s enough to fill the Sydney harbour!

We don’t want our fabrics to become a part of those statistics, which is why we are looking for durable, long lasting fibres. No “fast fashion” here!

Our long-term vision involves:

  • Using 100% recycled, bio-based, natural or biodegradable fabrics

  • Understanding our processes and the impact they can have on air and water quality

  • Working to reduce CO2 emissions at every stage of the process, be it factory or logistics.

  • Reducing water usage.  For example, using natural or CO2 dyes.

  • Eliminating or reducing waste at every point possible

  • Actively implementing recycling practices in the office

  • Cycling to work (naturally!)

  • Becoming a certified B-Corp company.


This is why we are taking our sweet time in bringing out our trail gear.  The world does not need another overpriced, petrochemical filled, polyester jersey.  We can do better.

We WILL do better.

If you want to know what else is important to us, head on over to our promise page to find out.

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